Martin Cooper Nature Photography

Song on the wire

Brown headed Cowbird


Belted Kingfisher

Song sparrow

A question of balance

Dock Crow

Dawn Landing

Mute Swan

Mute Swan on the Fraser River

The chase

Crow chasing a Short eared Owl

Hunting Crow

Bald Eagle Pose


A song of loss

A Song Sparrow continues to sing while its habitat is destroyed in the background


Both guardians of the Tower of London

After the Rain

Photo contains: one Peregrine Falcon, one Red-tailed Hawk, one Bald Eagle... and a crow.

Proud Eagle

Bushtit in orange

Chickadee in Pink

Return of the Dragon



Golden pond

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Tail feather

Heron Dawn

Photo is on a Canadian Postage Stamp.

Red-wing call

love the frosty breath


Frosty Song

Confused Immature Cooper's Hawk

First snow of the year and of his life. I should also point out that he is sat on a railway track.

Heron Dawn

Reflective Heron

Stand back, this is heavy.

Bald Eagle appearing to carry a log.. It's really just the bark.

Song sparrow

Barred Owl

Goldfinch and thistle

Early warning

Raptor Dawn

Always the early bird

Soul rejuvenation

Sometimes I just sit and enjoy my sunrise by the creek, sometimes I share it, with a photo.

Savannah Sparrow with spiders

Crow with mouse

Mosquito song

Robin in the rain

a Fir Song


Backlit Song


Bald Eagle chick giving its opinion of my photography


Osprey and Koi

Savannah Song


Sparrow light



This on of my favourite Heron photos

Walking the walk

On the Dam

Moon Halo

american Dipper